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WELCOME Valued Building Friend~!

Do you believe in your right to provocatively heal? Would you feel honored to join the tribe of a powerful woman and help build your communal healing well? Share in victory? Shed some of your hurtful anxieties? Feel cared for and appreciated in your effort? Learn why forgiveness is your friend?

Please help us build Pussy General (2011 stage show)

Amelia Energy needs you — she needs builders of a new culture called NUDY, led by hot humanitarian leader Pussy General. Sensual visions, memoir journeys, provocative call for erotic psychological healing IT ALL NEEDS YOU. Be more than a voyeur of *sexy photos* BUILD A CULTURE!


  • Join our safe tribal email list
  • Open, read, and comment on our email content
  • Become familiar with NUDY through our email content
  • Be turned on and tuned in to viewing NUDY with erotic honor (IF you are opening & reading those emails we send you!)
  • Cheer on progress as we build you a hot healing product list
  • Build with us ~ call in a friend or two to the hot cause
  • Get excited for Quiet ~ it’s noisy right now, yet quiet is golden
  • It’s ALL on the email list ~ we are building a “behind the veil” blog for you, so you can take full safe protected advantage of all we wish to give you in this new sensual healing culture ~ please come in now!
  • P.S. you ALWAYS are thanked for giving monetarily — here’s how
  • P.P.S. thank you for your patience, mercy, and love