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Hi Mom, it’s Me Your Mary Jane

Hi Mom,

It’s Sunday night and I just watched Silver Linings Playbook. I immediately knew I had to write to you, so I did.

You loved my writing so much. So I’m taking this leap of faith and choosing to write to you. Openly. About healing. Healing our stuff. It will take a miracle to not fall apart. You loved me so much. It’s hard to not think I’m to blame. So instead, I’m singing you one of the main important songs from this movie: Don’t you worry ’bout a thing.

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing ~ Stevie Wonder Innervisions

I’m excited, Mom. Nervous? Of course. But I heard something wild and cool and right on at the movie theater last night. A line from the new Lion King…and it sucks that I have to paraphrase instead of quote, but what’s important is this:

A king seeks for what he can give.

GIVE, Mom. I’m seeking my queendomme for what I can give. Yeah, on earth that would have driven you to drink a boxed pink wine. “Queendomme” WTF? But bear with me…please witness, please be patient. Because it’s about this movie, Silver Linings Playbook…and what I seek to give.

The main characters end up in the Llanerch Diner. The real Llanerch Diner. The diner where I went after the prom and many other nights in my idyllic childhood you and Dad provided so generously…I’m grateful for that. And you.

Photography Credit Marvin Greenbaum, Greenbaum Photography (c) 2012

Either I fucked everything up beyond repair in our family OR…or we did that all together and the fucked up-ness is actually meaningless in the grand spirit of things. I know you believe this. Because I know you believe in God and in the Blessed Mother and the power of forgiveness. To forgive is to GIVE.

Mom, here on earth…Pain convinces us it dominates. I went down in a ditch with pain. I got out because I let peace rule me instead. Peace is my “domme” and my bitch. Horrible words in our family culture. Perfectly acceptable in someone else’s. So what are words for? I think words are a bridge…

Mom, I’m stepping out on a bridge to heal my soul and share the light of peace with as many souls who resonate with the way I share it. If enough of us do this peace dance, we’ll all resonate with a willing somebody, and we’ll all dance in peace. And the earth will change to reflect that peace. That’s what I believe.

I believe in us. The peace us. I told you about peace domme. May this blog impart to you my passion as Peace General. May Love rule, pure and divine.

I gotta go. Much business to conduct. I love you so much. Say Hi to Dad.

Love, your grateful daughter. (Through her Amelia Energy.)

P.S., I promise with Brooklyn as my witness, I won’t tear this blog down like I did all the rest. I’m healthier now. “Peace Domme” aka Peace General did that (through me) and I am so grateful. Let’s fawk this grand…”see” you soon…Mary Jane