Ring Around the Writer

{Kind Attention: We are in BLOG OVERHAUL. Thanks, Management}

NUDY Manifesta ~ so we begin where we are and we are enough. Self-Actualization is the standard we hold for all in our forgiveness mission, the Footies. So we begin with Self-Actualization of our founding energy, our memoirist, our Chief Writing Commanda in Pussy General ~ General Amelia.

Amelia Energy is willing to take this huge risk in concurrent blogging because she is LIT UP by the idea of running wind sprints around a track with this ceaseless Voice guiding her. She draws from Human Design and her design of Manifesting Generator 1/3 where trial and error are part and parcel to her life experience.

She truly cares if this seems impossible to follow. Every blog she’s build has fallen down around her in ashes so she is confident at this latest attempt to possibly be the one. As a sober mentor taught her, “I am confidently bad.”

Here is where, what, and who (tone) Amelia Energy shall be writing for us until the published works come through and the dignity dollars shows up for a business manager (hence more general order):

  • Wholly Ashes
  • danceNUDY
  • Pussy General
  • Amelia Energy

These mission locations (blogs) each correspond with our insignia’s dance mystery:

  • protected
  • respected
  • connected
  • affected

These mission blogs are powering the mental valve release of Amelia Energy’s cycle of inner processes. This is challenging at best, so she is drawing from her extensive background in acting to jump into the skin of these mission healing characters ~ also known in writing simply as “characters” — in order to shake the memoir OUT.

  • mystic (Wholly Ashes: tone – forgiveness)
  • footie dancer (danceNUDY: tone – Stevie Nicks maiden)
  • First Commanda (Pussy General: tone – over the top frank)
  • healing whore (Amelia Energy: tone – confident)

Mission location links:

Our Mission Dance Insignia ~ Our Everything ~ Our everything is YOU

Our Mission is Forgiveness